Cosmic Worlds
of Iskander Galiev

Cosmic Worlds of Iskander Galiev

Paintings of Iskander Galiev are full of profound cosmic symbolism. His comic and touching characters are creating a universe of their own, breaking through the borders of reality and filling the world with incredible energy. His paintings are populated by all kinds of eccentric characters: Indians and Don Quixote, Sancho Panza, and Genghis Khan, devils and angels, boxers and gymnasts, astronauts and naive lovers, fantastic animals and musicians, Martian trees and shining stars.
The artist works in mixed media striving to convey his innermost feelings in the most accurate way using both traditional painting techniques and modern computer technologies. This permits him to produce remarkably beautiful, lively, and vibrant textures and a harmonious combination of hues somewhat reminiscent of the best Impressionist paintings.

He seems to look upon serious philosophical and religious matters as well as sports through his own prism of good-hearted humor and irony. One of the most important artistic techniques of Iskander is a vibrant pulsating black outline that tends to organize and harmonize his tempest of colors. At times an unexpected color combination emphasizes the inner drama and conflict inherent to all of his paintings that bring together the wisdom of sage who had seen death and a somewhat childishly emotional perception of the world.

He is one of the most counterintuitive modern artists who surprises with his original manner and philosophical insights. His paintings may be found both in private collections of numerous celebrities and in the offices of his friends.


From the Interview:

For me painting is the way to express a particular emotional state. I usually start to paint spontaneously. It may start with a sketch made aboard a plane or in a club on any available shred of paper or in a notebook. When I start a painting I sometimes have no clear idea of the final result. I am painting simply because I can’t live without it.

Random events in my life suddenly shape into a painting and sometimes I understand the implicit meaning of my painting only after I complete it. It looks like my paintings are the milestones that help me understand things about myself and about my own life.

My friends often recognize themselves in some of characters of my paintings. I hate to disappoint them, but the characters in my paintings are generalized and they emerge in the process of painting.

When primitive prehistoric hunters were drawing on the walls of their caves it was supposed to work magic. Such pictures were meant to affect the outcome of a hunt or to change destinies. In fact a modern artist is still doing very much the same thing. My paintings help me open windows to other dimensions and to delve into the world of imagination. I let you catch a glimpse of a different world full of both tragic and comic characters.

Sense of independence and inner freedom are the human qualities I appreciate above all. Only a free man may be really creative and true to himself. As for an artist, it’s his obligation to be honest. Otherwise he is not the one he pretends to be.

The world gives us a chance to discover and to comprehend its beauty and irony. A strong individual is able to enjoy life and to learn something new every day maintaining his inherent sense of self-irony.


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